Strategies For A Community Garden Plot When You Can’t Always Be There.

How do you maintain a community garden plot when you know you can’t get there often? Willi Galloway offers some tips on what to plant in order to make your garden neighbors happy and your harvest rich.

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The Wine Garden Bottle Bed is a fun use of common items.
The Wine Garden Bottle Bed is a fun use of common items.

The Red Stems of Winter Dogwoods and Some Surprises

Steve Scher and Marty Wingate tour the showy shrub area of Sky Nursery. The leaves are gone and the structure and color of the stems reveal themselves.

Cornus Sanguinea ‘Mid-Winter Fire’

Fine color and structure for winter
Fine color and structure for winter

Some of the other plants we discussed:

Winter Blooming Camellia
Cornus Stolonifera
Viburnum Tinus
Witch Hazel ‘Jelena’
Thuja Plicata ‘Whipcord’
Corylopsis Pauciflora ‘Buttercup Winter Hazel’

Greg Rabourn

2015 Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Marty Wingate takes Greg Rabourn and Steve Scher for a tour of the award winning professional gardens at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Take a walk with us.

You can find out more about the winners and the garden show here.

California Garden

Garden Planning, Gearing up for Garden Shows

We seem to be staying inside this week, looking at catalogues, staring out the window and making plans for new garden beds. We also get ready for a tour of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Why attend garden shows, anyways?

Do you attend garden shows? What do you enjoy most? Write us at, and share your answers and your pictures on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe we will see you at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show or the Portland Spring Home and Garden Show. Or maybe wandering around the neighborhood, getting ideas and chatting up your fellow gardeners.

We toured the Northwest Flower and Garden Show last year too.

Plant For Color and Birds

Steve Scher and Marty Wingate visit Sky nursery on the podcast, this time to learn about heaths and heathers. Also, the suburbs are a haven for variety of bird species. You just provide the habitat. University of Washington Wildlife Scientist John Marzluff, author of “Welcome to Subirdia,” shares ten steps you can take to expand biodiversity in your own back yard.

UW Scientist John Marzluff is the author of a number of scientific papers and books about crows and ravens. “Welcome to Subirdia,” examines the ways human changes to the landscape have pushed some birds away, but created opportunities for others. It is a rigorous and fascinating look at the way evolution is playing out literally in our own backyards.

Sky Nursery is a full service nursery located on Aurora in Shoreline.

Our sponsor this week, Richard Kinssies, has been a wine journalist for many years. He founded the Seattle Wine School in 1981. “The Wine Outlet” is located pretty close to the driving range on Elliot Avenue in Seattle, in case you need to thwack a few golf balls before you pick out a bottle of wine.

Black Walnuts, Madrone Trees and Your Questions

Greg is checking out the health of some madrone trees, Willi is wondering what a black walnut will do to her deck and we answer your questions.

Our sponsor this week- sponsor being someone who likes the show- Marty Wingate, author. Sure she is part of the crew, but she has a life outside the show. And since no money is changing hand, we thought it was ok to ask her to sponsor the podcast this week.

The Hellebore It Is!

Marty and Steve wander around Sky Nursery in Shoreline WA, thinking about the plants of winter and spring. Hellebores are a festive garden perennial and they pair nicely with some fascinating conifer varieties. Let’s take a walk.

Steve enjoying some Hellebores
Steve enjoying some Hellebores

Our sponsor this episode-sponsor being in this case a suggestion that you might like one of the other podcasts Steve is working on. Like reading do you? Course you do, you’re a gardener. Check out That Stack of Books with Nancy Pearl and Steve Scher. The Book Lust Librarian recommends some recent releases and we take a look at what’s on your stack of books. You might find the next book you will add to it.

Appreciating the Finer Things of Life

Greg introduces us to Michael of Vashon Seed & Mercantile, who takes us on a tour of their cannabis breeding greenhouses on Vashon Island. They are joined for this interview by Shango Los, founder of the Vashon Island Marjiuana Entrepreneurs Alliance. Growers on Vashon Island are developing specific cultivars that grow well in the Northwest climate.

In keeping with the theme of this episode, we have a new sponsor, The Wine Outlet. We talk to owner Richard Kinsies about, well, wine.

Greg’s Vashon Island Friend and Music Teacher, Daryl Redeker provides the music.

A Walk In The Woods

For those of us craving a little outdoor time, Greg takes us, again, on a walk in the woods near Medford, Oregon.
New episode next week.
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Greg used two field guides for this walk.
Plants of the Pacific Northwest
All That The Rain Promises and More. It is a field guide for Fungus

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The Sweet Fragrance of the Winter Garden

Marty Wingate, Greg Rabourn and Steve Scher sniff the sweet smell of winter flowering shrubs and offer some interesting reads. This is a rebroadcast of the 3rd episode of this podcast. If you missed it first time around, take a listen. It’s like the complex scent of a familiar garden favorite. Just like it, we have a few things to say.


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Greg’s Vashon Island Friend and Music Teacher,Daryl Redeker provides the music.