Marty's Favorite Pelargonium

Plans For Pots? Go Big!

Tips for planting annnuals, tips for great plants to pick on this episode of A Dry Rain.

Marty Wingate and Steve Scher are back at Sky Nursery in Shoreline, Washington to take a look at annuals you can, Marty might say you must, add to your pots for color and texture. Her advice, GO BIG!

Marty shares her favorite Pelargonium varieties. We call them Geraniums here. Her true favorite, Crystal Palace Gem.
She also recommends the smaller flower pansies because they can hold their heads up.

Great for bees, Sweet Allysum

And if you, like Steve, want a hardy fuchsia, look for the Fuchsia Magellanica, blooms for May through September.

Blue Skies performed by our friend Daryl Redeker.